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innovate what you do

With digital legal products, legal teams can scale their work and streamline low-value tasks.

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    do more business

    Scale today's linear work by incorporating business apps into your client relationships.

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    deliver more value

    Integrate tools and services to streamline low-value tasks, freeing up more time for what truly matters.

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    introduce new business models

    As automation streamlines tasks across the value chain, explore new business models beyond the billable hour.

implement tailored and innovative solutions

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adapts to your tool landscape
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tailored to your requirements
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why Goyaa?

Work smarter with our legal products.

efficiency boost

Save time and effort when creating new services. You do not have to start from scratch, we offer a diverse range of pre-configured building blocks and connectors to kickstart your project.

tailored solutions

Customize your experience by integrating your own database or business logic. Alternatively, collaborate with us to implement logical modules, ensuring truly individual and valuable services.

LegalTech expertise

Whether it is understanding existing tools and services to enhance your legal product or harnessing dedicated AI knowledge, our team is ready to guide you in defining your best product strategy.

instant accessibility

Whether it is an internal workflow or a client-facing service, effortlessly manage each service individually. Grant access to specific users through our pre-configured portal with dedicated user management.

how it works

Leverage our proven ideation framework to innovate rapidly. Begin integrating business apps into your client relationships or tools into your daily work with these streamlined steps.

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    Engage in a 1-hour requirements workshop with our business analyst.

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    Receive a detailed service mockup showcasing core mechanics and value drivers.

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    Conduct a pilot phase to assess the impact.

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    Adapt the solution based on your learnings and release.

work smart with Goyaa

You have a dedicated request? Reach out, we make it work!

  • Are manual steps hindering your ability to cater to larger clients efficiently?
  • Have you noticed a decline in willingness to pay?
  • Interested in exploring alternative business models beyond the billable hour?
  • Looking to integrate embedded legal services into your offerings?

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