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Empowering law firms to create legal services effortlessly
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work smart with Goyaa

Goyaa supports legal teams to increase profitability and stay competitive by introducing digital solutions.

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    reduce non-billable overhead

    Introducing digital solutions and automation helps you minimize manual work in routine administrative tasks.

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    streamline low-value work

    Leverage human expertise where it matters most: for personalized legal advice. Embrace legal automation, tools, and services to reduce low-value work.

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    offer alternative fee arrangements

    As automation streamlines tasks across the value chain, explore new business models beyond the traditional billable hour to sustain and grow your profits.

improve your productivity by
implementing digital solutions effortlessly

Incorporate legal services and tools into your daily operations and client interactions. Meet expectations and scale your business effectively.

how it works

Implement a service or tool within minutes. All solutions are GDPR-compliant and ready for immediate use.

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    Install a blueprint or tool from our Solution Gallery with just one click.

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    Customize the blueprint to your specific needs and tool environment with no requirement for IT skills.

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    Release and start working smarter.

why Goyaa?

Work smarter with our digital solutions.

no need for big investments

Whether it is time or money, introducing digital solutions requires investments. We simplify the process: everything we offer is GDPR-compliant, ready-to-use, and fine-tuned for the legal industry.

no need for IT skills

Precision matters: customize everything to align with your specific requirements and tool landscape. Our UI allows customizing by any non-IT role, requiring no training.

your compliant sandbox

Not sure which solutions suit your team? With us, test without hefty investments in a secure environment. Each tool and service can be used and will be charged on demand.

the LegalTech Hub

Explore beyond Goyaa blueprints; our marketplace offers a diverse array of LegalTech tools tailored for your legal endeavors. End your search and start discovering the solutions that fit your needs.

Stronger together

we are committed to ecosystems

Goyaa is a member of LegalTech Verband DeutschlandGoyaa is a member of Liquid Legal Institute e.V.Goyaa is a Telekom Open Telekom Cloud Techboost Start-Up

empowering legal teams to work smarter


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