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Now Live: Unleash the Power of Our Low-Code Platform for Legal Services!
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Hey Law Firms,

let's create scalable digital business models

Goyaa is your low-code platform to build and launch GDPR-compliant, professional, client-facing applications.
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GDPR-compliant Hosting
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Ready-to-use Blueprints
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API-driven Ecosystem Connectors

Legal tech teams in law firms can supercharge their service creation using Goyaa's powerful editor to automate workflows or launch scalable digital legal services...

...or start with one of our application blueprints to accelerate your service creation

Client Onboarding

Streamline your onboarding process, including KYC checks, and deliver a premium client experience from the very first interaction.
Coming soon

Lead Generator

Quickly address relevant topics impacting your clients and collect structured information to effectively funnel their needs.
Coming soon

Client Portal

Deliver personalized gated content to your clients, including contracts, tailored advice, and secure data exchange.

Stronger together

We are committed to ecosystems

Goyaa is a member of LegalTech Verband DeutschlandGoyaa is a member of Liquid Legal Institute e.V.Goyaa is a Telekom Open Telekom Cloud Techboost Start-Up

Start making your vision a reality.

Goyaa is your low-code platform to scale, automate, and monetize today's linear and manual legal work.

Revolutionize your service creation.

Discover the potential of our intuitive drag & drop editor, packed with over 40 powerful widgets that empower you to create efficient and effective services effortlessly.

Embrace the power of

Unlock endless possibilities with our low-code platform. Customize workflow automations and client-facing services to cater to your unique needs, propelling your firm towards unprecedented growth.

Personalize your service with custom branding.

Let your brand shine with customizable page layouts and branding capabilities, ensuring your client-facing applications are not just professional but a true reflection of your firm's identity.

Trust in superior safety standards.

Have peace of mind knowing your data is hosted securely in Germany on Open Telekom Cloud. With Goyaa, you can count on stringent data protection and robust security measures, always.
Meet Gil, your digital associate.

Boost your practice by automating tedious tasks

Experience the future of legal practice today with GIL - your digital associate engine. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to a smarter, more efficient way of working.
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Retrieve data automatically
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Improve efficiency by reducing human error
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Focus on what really matters - your clients
Meet GIL - your digital associate

Starter Package

Embark on your low-code journey with Goyaa. We've crafted a pricing scheme that's not only user-friendly, but also conducive to bringing your innovative visions to life. Seize the opportunity to benefit from our exceptional early-bird offerings available now.
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It's easy to get started
  • all of our plans can be terminated on a monthly basis
  • flexible package pricing with low fixed costs
  • free access to our scalable digital business models academy

Unleash the power of low-code today

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Common Questions

Do I need tech skills to use Goyaa?
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Goyaa is currently built to empower legal tech teams, helping them accelerate their service delivery timelines. You can easily navigate our editor with just a basic understanding of tech, and rest assured, our support is always available to help you. For developing more personalized and intricate services, some basic coding skills are advantageous.

However, our mission goes beyond that. We aim to democratize software development, making it possible for non-technical users to build applications without the need for developer input. To this end, we're in the process of developing a groundbreaking, generative AI-driven no-code layer. Stay tuned for exciting developments!
What are scalable legal business models?
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Law firms' corporate clients demand "do more with less", which law firms can’t always meet due to skill shortages and the sole linear business model "billable hour". With Goyaa, law firms can build digital services by composing reusable process modules and blueprints to scale, automate, and monetize today's linear and manual work.
What is Goyaa’s tech stack?
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Goyaa is cloud-native. Software as a service. Composable. AI-powered. API-driven. Secure. Compliant with legal prerequisites related to digital legal services.

Secure Datacenters with zero risk from the US Cloud Act or Schrems II

Secure processing of data according to § 203 StGB

Data and connection encryption using military-grade algorithms

Unleash the true potential of digital legal services!

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