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The all-in-one legal operating system for law firms
to streamline legal operations.

run legal like a business

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smart matter and document management

to enhance productivity

Access your data and documents efficiently from anywhere, reliably schedule all deadlines and tasks, and automate the generation of standard documents.

tasks, deadlines, and reminders all in one place

At Goyaa, everything essential is conveniently located in one place. Here, you can efficiently manage matter-related tasks, deadlines, and reminders, ensuring you always maintain an overview.

deep Microsoft Office 365 integration

Effortlessly file email communications, capture tasks directly from Outlook, or open documents from the matter file in Word - Office 365 is seamlessly integrated to facilitate a smooth workflow.

powerful API

Goyaa integrates a third-party ecosystem through robust APIs, allowing you to benefit from the diversity and efficiency of external providers.

comprehensive contextual search

The powerful search not only identifies exact matches but also displays context-sensitive results from matters, tasks, documents, and other relevant elements.

seamless end-to-end integrated processes
to efficiently handle your business

From client intake and time tracking to billing, accounting, and enhanced, actionable business reporting.

templates for intelligent matter management

to efficiently map standardized processes

Area-of-law optimized templates provide workflows, predefined tasks, and deadlines, as well as folder and document structures.

work smart with Goyaa

The all-in-one legal operating system for law firms to streamline legal operations.

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    reliable, compliant & secure

    All data is hosted and processed within the Open Telekom Cloud, meeting the highest standards.

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    user-friendly & efficient

    Our state-of-the-art user interface ensures that working with Goyaa is not only easy but also enjoyable.

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    ready for the future

    As an open ecosystem, we offer seamless access to connect with AI solutions and other third parties.

Stronger together

we are committed to ecosystems

Goyaa is a member of LegalTech Verband Deutschland
Goyaa is a member of Liquid Legal Institute e.V.
Goyaa is a Telekom Open Telekom Cloud Techboost Start-Up

run legal like a business, the legal operating system


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